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Texas Day Trips

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"Ancient Texas" Day Trip - Dinosaurs, Mammoths & Ancient Peoples

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Population: 113,000+ (Waco)Region: Prairies & Lakes
Location: All cities can be reach off Interstate 35

When you drive the 97 miles through five Texas cities between Glen Rose and Flornece, you'll be taking a 100 million year journey through Texas past. Here you'll see dinosaur footprints, the remains of giant mammoths and view ancient artifacts dating back over 13,000 years. (Note: Waco has been used as the anchor city for this 'Day Trip'.)

Glen Rose - located approximately 60 miles north-west of Waco, Glen Rose is known as the 'Dinosaur Capital of Texas' and home to Dinosaur Valley State Park where you'll see some of the best preserved dinosaur tracks in North America. Other attractions in and around Glen Rose are the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, the Historic Courthouse Square, Land of the Dinosaurs and Dinosaur World. (For info: 254-897-3081)

Clifton - located approximately 26 miles north-west of Waco where you'll find a replica of the Horn Shelter* with excavation exhibit, burial and burial goods on display. (For info: 254-675-3845)

* The Horn Shelter is a 11,200 year old Paleo-site where two skeletons and an assortment of burial items were found.

Waco - located on Interstate 35, here you'll enjoy the Mayborn Museum Complex located at Baylor University. Exhibits (some interactive) allow visitors to not only see but also experience ancient fossils of Central Texas. (For info: 254-710-1110). The Waco Mammoth Site is another must see. Inside the climate controlled dig site from a suspended walkway you get an overhead view of several specimens that lived some 68,000 years ago. This site was discovered in 1978 when two men stumbled upon a bone near the Bosque River. (For info: 254-750-7946)

Belton - located 37 miles southwest of Waco, the Bell County Museum is well known for its interactive exhibit of the Gault Site. Call ahead for information on how children can experience excavating in a simulated archelogoy pit. (For info: 254-933-5243)

Florence - 65 miles southwest of Waco located at 3451 FM 2843 you'll find one of the largest excavated sites of the Clovis culture. This culture dates back some 13,500 years and is a Texas Archeological landmark. So far over 2 million artifacts have been found including some of the earliest art and the oldest architecture in North America. Research continues at this site, however, tours and speakers can be arranged. For info: www.gaultschool.org..

Texas Day Trips - Prehistoric Texas

Texas dinosaurs, mammoths and prehistoric peoples

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Cities within 50-100 miles:

Cedar Springs
China Springs
Elm Mott
Glen Rose
Laguna Park
Mount Calm
Prairie Hill
Valley Mills

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