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Apertif - a wine enjoyed before a meal to stimulate one's appetite

Appellation - specific geographic wine region

Aromatic - wine having a distinctive aroma

Basic - a winery's lower cost wine

B.O.B - 'Buyer's Own Brand" . . . private label owned by the retailer

Breathing - interaction of wine and air once the bottle has been opened.

Claret - term for a red wine similar to a Bordeaux.

Decanting - pouring of wine into a decanter allowing for breathing and separation of sediment from wine.

Estate winery - license that allows the 'farm' to produce and sell wine on the premises.

Farm winery - same as 'estate winery'.

Liter - volume measure where 1 liter is equal to 33.8 fluid ounces.

Mulled wine - wine that has been heated, spiced and served as a punch.

Nose - the wine's bouquet or aroma.

Premium wines - above the 'basic' wine and usually have more aging.

Punt - the indentation on the bottom of a wine bottle.

Reserve - term indicates that the wine is of higher quality.

Sangria - wine punch made from red wine mixed with orange, lemon, apricot juice and sugar.

Sherry - fortified wine with a distinctive flavor resulting from being subjected to controlled oxidation.

Sommelier - wine expert, usually found in restaurants.

Sparkling wind - wine that contains carbon dioxide.

Table wine - refers to any wine that is not sparkling or fortified. The US regulations also state that these wines must be between 7-14% alcohol by volumn. Also refers to any wine that is suitable for everyday drinking.

Ullage - space inside the bottle between the wine and the top of the bottle. This space will increase in size as the wine ages due to seepage through the cork and evaporation.

Varietal - wines made from singe grape variety.

Viticultural Area - is a designated wine grape-growing region distinguishable by geographic features, with boundaries as defined by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), United States Department of the Treasury[1] at the request of petitioners.

Vineyard - is a cultivated area of grape-bearing vines, grown mainly for winemaking.

Winery - a building or property involved in the productionof wine that may incude warehouse, labels, and bottling.

Wine Cellar - a storage room for wine that can be located underground (passive) to reduce temperature swings or above ground with a climate control environment.

Zinfandel - 'blush' wine produced from white juice taken from red grapes.

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