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Red - considered complex and classic
Bordeaux - classic red with rich flavors and characters

Claret - used in the United States as a semi-generic label for red wine in the style of the Bordeaux.

Malbec - wine made from the Malbec grapes.

Meriot - dry, soft flavored red wine making it appealing to new wine drinkers

Pinot Noir - dry, lighter-bodied red wine with earthy and fruity flavors

Zinfandel - encompasses smooth wines including sweet rose (White Zinfandel) to port wine

White - lighter wines with precise flavors
Moscato - fruity and sweet

Pinot Grigio - dry wine with flavors that vary from light and crisp to full and complex

Chardonnay - smooth, full-bodied with vanilla flavors

Roussanne - rich, full-bodied with flavors of honey and pear.

Viognier - aromatic, fruity wine meant to be consumed relatively young as it typically loses its perfume as it ages.

Sparkling - various styles
Champagne - classic bubbly (France)

Prosecco - fizzy wine (Italy)

Cava - bubbly (Spain)

Sweet - both red and white wine, sweet wines are excellent for siping after dinner
Ice Wine - sweet wine made from grapes that are harvested after the grapes freeze on the vine

Dessert wine - term used for any number of sweet wines.

Fortified - extra alcohol has been added to these wines
Port - sweet fortified wine (Portugal)

Marsala - sweet, aged wine (Sicily)

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